Jermaine van Wijhe (Dviate)

Oh, hi! My name is Jermaine van Wijhe, but you can call me Dviate. I’m a graphic/web designer & developer from The Netherlands with over 15 years of experience.

Think I might be the right partner for your project? Take a look at my past work or my resume and let me know, I'm available for work!


TravelBird BV/TravelBird GmbH

Design and front‑end coding for the new (now in beta) platform for online travelagency TravelBird.


X‑Qlusive Wildstylez

Q‑Dance/ID&T (SFX Entertainment)

The website for Q‑Dance’s X‑Qlusive Wildstylez event held at the Heineken Music Hall on the 19th of January 2013.

X‑Qlusive Wildstylez


Diepzee Haarlem

Several concept flyers for Diepzee, Haarlem’s hottest house event.


Lancia New Flavia

Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

Eleganza in movimento”, Lancia’s motto translated in the promotional website for the Lancia New Flavia.

Lancia New Flavia

Mug the City

Better&Harder Events/Club 023

For a few years Better&Harder Events held me responsible for the bi‑monthly themes of the popular Mug the City hardcore events.

Mug the City
Mug the City
Mug the City


Q‑Dance/ID&T (SFX Entertainment)

On December 31st 2012, only the true nightcrawlers and harder‑styles‑lovers gathered for the unrivalled rave named Freaqshow. Q‑Dance asked me to build the event website for their brand new asskickin’ new years party that took place at the Ziggo Dome.



A small overview of companies
I’ve worked for, with or at

  • Jeffrey Dirkse Design
  • Philips
  • PixelIndustries
  • Pebble
  • Sensia Media
  • Movares
  • Q‑Dance (SFX Entertainment)
  • SFX Entertainment
  • ID&T (SXF Entertainment)
  • Mimbee
  • Lancia
  • KPN Telecom


What others have to say…

Great guy. Really enthousiastic and talented in the field of front‑end development. Expert on a deep level of new and inspiring technologies. Good person to work with.

Rodger Buyvoets · Pixel Industries

Jermaine is an enthusiastic and has an unparalleled passion for his work. Therefore, all results are always optimal. He’s always open for difficult technical questions and suggestions, and he always knows there with it. In short, someone you can trust.

Anthony Clifford, CEO · Sensia Media

Jermaine is a designer and front-end developer with a wide set of skills. He’s able to cross the gap between design and frontend development including javascript. This makes Jermaine very capable to work in agile, multi-displinairy development teams. I’ve come to know Jermaine as a social, pragmatic person with a strong focus on solving business challenges.

Erik Slotboom, IT Director · TravelBird

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Some inside information

The crossover between design and programming has always been of interest to me. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some talented teams on a number of high profile websites. I have a wide range of skills that include design (and working closely with fellow designers) and front‑end development (HTML5, CSS3, javascript, responsive, UX).

I love the web and I thrive off of using its full potential to complete business challenges. I am an -addict and a color-fanatic, enjoy discussing business ideas and visualizing them. I value deadlines, stick to agreements and pamper my clients. I do some mountainbiking and favor Deadmau5. And yes… I gadgets!


Hey, you just met me…

If you have an upcoming project you would like to speak about, drop me a line. I’d love to hear about it! So, ehhhmmm…